My aunt was in hospital in Scotland 350 miles away from me and needed to be discharged into a nursing home. I am her only relative, so it was my responsibility to help her find this home. I have a demanding job and know very little about care. I needed help.

A colleague told me about Grace Consulting, so I called them and they sounded ideal. They even had a service which included taking clients to visit care homes to help them make their choice. I knew my aunt would be able to choose a home herself if she could get round to see them. I also knew that it would be impractical for me to be continually driving up and down the M6. I booked up this service from Grace and arranged to meet a Care Adviser at my aunt's hospital.

The Care Adviser was excellent. She discussed my aunt's care needs with the medical staff and had a long conversation with my aunt to make sure she understood exactly what sort of home she would be happiest in. She also explained how the care system works in Scotland. I didn't realise there was so much to it all. I also hadn't realised that my aunt's personal care would be largely funded by the state, so this was good news.

The Care Adviser then considered all the homes in the area and quickly came back with a report suggesting the four that would be most appropriate.

She then arranged to take my aunt to visit each of these homes. My aunt chose the one that she liked the best and the Care Adviser even helped her make the arrangements for moving into the home.

It was excellent knowing that there was someone who was an expert in care and 100% reliable who I could trust to get everything sorted out in my aunt's best interest. I had initially felt guilty that I could not help more, but quickly realized that introducing Grace to my aunt was the best thing I could have done.