At 78 I've started to find it increasingly difficult to care for my wife who suffers from severe arthritis and can't manage without a great deal of help. Social Services have organised a carer, which I have to pay for myself, but she only comes a couple of times a week. My daughter also helps where she can but she has a busy life. A friend suggested I contact Grace Consulting. I rang them and they seemed to quickly understand our problem, and explained their different levels of assistance.

I booked a telephone consultation with a Grace Care Adviser who called me the next day at the appointed time. I was able to explain just how my wife and I felt about things. During the course of the call, which must have lasted over half an hour, everything became clearer, as the Adviser explained all the options we might consider. At last I was talking to someone who really understood our worries and who could give us practical guidance.

It quickly became apparent that the best way forward was to find a carer who could come every day, rather than just the two days Social Services had arranged. I had always understood that this would be difficult to arrange but Grace said they would be able to find a number of care agencies that I could choose between, all with good, well-qualified and reputable carers. Our Grace Care Adviser, Anne, also told us about a local day centre that my wife could go to a couple of afternoons a week that sounded ideal.

Three days later we received a report from Anne which set out the care agencies she suggested, specifically selected for our needs. The report also gave contact details for the day centre and advised that the manager there was looking forward to our call. We arranged for the Care Managers of each of the agencies to come to visit us and selected the one we preferred (although they were actually all good and it was quite a difficult choice!).

Now we are getting extra help at home, and we will manage like this for as long as possible. My wife also enjoys the day centre. Anne also suggested some short-stay care homes, so should we need my wife to have a respite stay, we know where to go.

It was great to have this support from Grace and also great to know that Anne, our Grace Care Adviser, is still there to answer any more questions we might have. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Grace Consulting.