My uncle lives alone in a large house in Harrogate. I'm his closest relative and he granted me a Health and Welfare Power of Attorney a number of years ago. He's always been able to organise his affairs independently though.

Over the years he built up a personal team of housekeeping and ancillary staff who looked after everything. His health deteriorated a year ago though and this team gradually took on the role of caring for him. However, their salaries were high and they didn't really have the skills required to provide the care support my uncle needed. His costs then escalated even further when he had a chest infection and a registered nurse was also employed on a live-in basis.

I talked to the solicitor who had helped with the Power of Attorney and he suggested I should contact Grace Consulting to discuss the situation. I did this and the lady I spoke to at Grace advised that she could arrange a Care Adviser to visit, with my uncle's permission, and carry out a review of his care arrangements.

My uncle agreed that this would be a good idea. The Care Adviser visited and carried out a detailed review of my uncle's care needs and the level of support currently in place. She then sent through a report setting out clearly my uncle's care needs, what support he actually needed and how this would be best achieved.

Following this review and report, we were able to scale down and reconfigure the existing team. The outcome was great. The quality of the support my uncle is now receiving has improved – much more geared to his actual needs - and his costs have been significantly reduced.

I'm no expert on care and I live some distance from my uncle so he and I have now also arranged for a Grace Care Adviser to visit him every three months so that I can keep tabs on the situation. My uncle's health is deteriorating so this will make sure we continue to have the most appropriate care in place.