Delivers expertise on all care issues

Care can be a fundamental, life-changing issue. Independent Care Advice helps ensure you make fully informed and correct decisions.

Your advice has been invaluable – this is a minefield for the inexperienced
Outstanding service, we were really impressed with your knowledge, compassion and professionalism
Excellent information and advice
Good news from this morning's discharge meeting... only possible due to the very sound advice we received which meant we were able to stand firm with confidence

Saves time

Independent Care Advice means you don't spend hours researching care providers, or waste time visiting unsuitable care providers or wading through hospital red tape. You can make the best use of your time - for work, supporting family members, liaising effectively with health and social care professionals, visiting good care providers and making the best choices.

Really helpful and fantastically fast
Your work was brilliant and saved me so much time which I could then spend with Mum at the hospital
During such a difficult and emotional time I would have found it impossible to have gathered all the information you have given me
You truly made a massive task very easy for me and I am very grateful

Relieves stress

Independent Care Advice allows you to unburden your stresses and concerns to an empathetic, understanding care expert who will help you deal with the emotions associated with finding care for a family member, provide objective mediation where families are struggling to agree on the best way forward, provide clarity about hospital processes and provide you with the reassurance that you are doing the right thing.

When I thought I was on my own you felt like a true friend on my side
Thank you for your kind support, consideration and professionalism
It felt like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders

Saves money

Independent Care Advice will ensure you are claiming all the care-related benefits you are entitled to, provide clarity on the finances of care – who pays for what – and make sure you are not overpaying for care.

Due to your advice Mum has also been granted Continuing Health Care to cover her costs

Provides outstanding service

Independent Care Advice from Grace Consulting – fast, efficient, empathetic expertise.

Outstanding service
I cannot praise this service highly enough
An excellent invaluable service

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