3 August 2020

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For over 35 years, Grace Consulting has specialised in providing expert independent advice on care. The company, a leading authority on care across the UK, has proudly helped many thousands of clients resolve their care issues and find the best possible care solutions for their personal situations.

Why choose Grace when listing sites exist on the internet?

A question we sometimes face is 'Why choose Grace when a multitude of listing sites exist on the internet?'

Interestingly, many of our conversations help people consider exactly what they want in the first place – people often think they know instinctively, but as there are so many options and potential solutions they need to be absolutely sure which one is right for them before they move on to consider suitable providers of care.

In short, finding the best care solution for each and every one of us is difficult. It is an entirely personal decision based on a unique set of circumstances, with a lot at stake if we get it wrong. Grace helps clients make the right decisions for them – helping get it right first time.

Issues with the internet and the sea of information

The internet has brought us great benefits with huge amounts of information now available. However, there are so many websites that it is difficult to know where to start:

Most information is generic

Care is personal. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances and no one solution fits all.

Picking through the information takes time

With so many sites, it takes time to plough through all of the information available to find what is relevant to you and feel confident that it is the right information for you or your relative's circumstances. You can find yourself heading off down blind alleys, firing off emails and hoping for replies.

Some articles on care can be interesting if you have the time to read them, but many care decisions need to be made urgently.

Information is often out of date

Information on care varies across the whole of the UK and very quickly falls out of date. Allowances change and availability across the many thousands of care homes and domiciliary care providers is difficult to monitor in real time.

The information you require to make the best care decisions needs to be accurate and up to date.

Websites are funded somehow

Many websites claim to be independent but are sponsored in some way by an organisation with a vested interest or give prominence to providers with the biggest marketing spend. It makes sense to question how they are funded before relying on everything you read.

Care decisions are complex and vital. Personalised, expert help and support helps you make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

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