3 August 2020

For over 35 years, Grace Consulting has specialised in providing expert independent advice on care. The company, a leading authority on care across the UK, has proudly helped many thousands of clients resolve their care issues and find the best possible care solutions for their personal situations.

A question we sometimes face is 'Why choose Grace when a multitude of listing sites exist on the internet?'

In short, finding the best care solution for each and every one of us is difficult. It is an entirely personal decision based on a unique set of circumstances, with a lot at stake if we get it wrong. Grace helps clients make the right decisions for them – helping get it right first time.

Grace listens to you and is on your side

Your situation is unique and Grace is here to help and support you and provide the information that you need to move forward with confidence. The service is totally centred on meeting the needs of the person requiring care.

Grace provides expert, up to date, bespoke information which saves you time

You have your own dedicated Care Adviser who listens empathetically, asks questions, shares their expertise and provides up-to-the-minute information relevant to your situation. You will not need to waste any time picking though generic information. In fact, in addition to advice you will receive your own pack with all the information you need in one place, that's easy to refer to now and in the future.

Grace empowers you to move forward

Your Care Adviser helps you with what to say and the questions to ask of the appropriate authorities and care providers in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Grace saves you money

The cost of care often comes as a shock to families. Your Care Adviser considers what's important now and going forward, taking into account both current care needs and likely changes. They establish your care options, the optimum amount of care required, what the best (and best value) solutions are for your situation - ensuring long-term financially viable options are considered. They will update you on all allowances and benefits that are currently available.

Grace helps reduce stress and improve wellbeing

If the care solution fits perfectly with your needs and wishes, everyone involved benefits. Knowing that you have succeeded in finding the best solutions for your care issues brings great peace of mind, helps reduce stress and improves wellbeing for the long term.

Grace is totally independent

Grace is totally and reassuringly independent. Services are provided via membership of various insurance and telecare schemes, or paid for privately. By alerting you to all available benefits and fair costs of care, fees are often recouped almost immediately.

Care decisions are complex and vital. Personalised, expert help and support helps you make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Fees for private clients begin at £295 for the Grace Care Guidance service. Please call 01483 203066 to discuss how Grace can help.


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