We hear it, we read it, and we live it. These are truly 'unprecedented times'.

News comes in constantly from across the UK and overseas providing updates on Covid-19 – some of it true, some of it speculation.

The sea of reports on the impacts of Covid-19, particularly among the older and vulnerable, make difficult reading and can leave the vulnerable and their families feeling extremely anxious.

For over 30 years, Grace Consulting has specialised in providing help and advice on care. This advice extends from helping with the wellbeing of people who are planning ahead, to finding the best possible care for older and vulnerable people at times of urgent need.

In order to ensure that we are providing up to the minute advice, the Care Advice Team holds twice daily briefings, covering any changes that could affect our clients and the decisions they may need to take.

Advice on care in these unprecedented times

In these 'unprecedented times' the focus of the advice we give includes, for example:

  • Information regarding temporary measures put in place by the Government and Department of Health and Social Care in relation to discharge from hospital
  • The funding of temporary care
  • Services introduced to help individuals with self-isolating
  • Help for families unable to visit relatives who they provide with informal care and support

Interestingly, however, the way we operate remains largely unchanged:

  • Grace Care Advisers always begin by listening carefully, before discussing a client's particular health and care needs, their personal wishes, the support they have in place and any funding and services available to them
  • The Care Advisers then advise on how to resolve the care issues and, where appropriate, explain the benefits of the various types of care available and suitable providers of good-quality care

Thanks to the selfless dedication of the UK's front line care workers, there is still great care to be found.

So, even when the world around us is changing rapidly, Grace Care Advisers are able to provide up to the minute advice, centred on the needs of the person requiring care, for both the short term and for the future, for life beyond these 'unprecedented times'.

Please do not worry alone. For details of how Grace can help, please call us directly on 01483 203066.


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