16 June 2020

The Grace Care Advice team are busy helping clients overcome their care issues during the Covid-19 crisis. They have noticed some underlying trends in the concerns raised.

From the early days of lockdown, three areas have dominated:

1. Rapid discharge from hospital with emergency NHS-funded care

Due to Covid-19, temporary arrangements were introduced to discharge patients rapidly from hospital. Enquiries cover:

  • Details on temporary arrangements and short-term funding
  • Safe onward care

2. Alternative care solutions

Fortunately, despite the challenges faced, much excellent care has continued to be delivered by dedicated carers.

Enquiries come in when care is disrupted and help is needed to find the best alternative solutions. Be reassured that there is still great care to be found.

3. Anxiety caused by separation and isolation

Where family members are unable to visit their older relatives in their homes, care homes and hospital, there is much anxiety.

The Care Advice team advise clients on ways to overcome this, including advice on:

  • self-isolating & shielding
  • how to stay safe when visiting hospital for treatment
  • the safest types of care

As time moves on enquiries are evolving and advice is increasingly covering cases concerning:

1. Safe post-operative care

With the move towards operations beginning again, clients are anxious to find safe post-operative care. The Care Advice team help clients organise this.

2. Planning for the longer-term and wellbeing

The crisis has focused people's minds on the importance of wellbeing and staying safe at home in order to help prevent accidents and admission to hospital. Advice includes:

  • how to retain independence by making small changes at home
  • replacing care that was suspended due to Covid-19
  • finding suitable care for the long-term

3. Caring for carers

Some family members have been covering cancelled care during Covid-19 and are feeling the strain.

Grace offers support to clients, helping them replace lost care, and helping identify ways to relieve the pressure on them going forwards.

If you have a care concern and would benefit from advice to help with your specific situation, call the Grace Care Advice team on 01483 203066.


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