Case 1

It was three days after Michael had moved from Leeds to Los Angeles that he received a call. "Your mother was found wandering outside at night. She has been admitted to hospital". The diagnosis? "Vascular Dementia".

Case 2

Mary, 73, has been caring for her 96 year old mother for the last fifteen years. Mary has fallen and is now in hospital with a broken pelvis. Mary's brother, 77, is himself frail, and although he quickly arrives at Mary's house he is unable to provide sufficient help for their mother.

Case 3

Jane has done her best to care for her elderly husband, Tom, but her own health is failing. She does not want to give up responsibility for Tom's care and is resisting help for herself.

Each situation is different and finding the best solution can be tricky

It takes clear thinking to resolve these situations. There are care choices to assess, care providers to meet and care costs to consider. And it's fraught with emotion. For example, in case 3, even once Jane understands all of the care choices, she may still resist accepting any kind of support out of conflicting feelings of guilt, love and loyalty.

The difficulty of too much information

There are numerous sources of information on care, particularly online. Picking through this information can be time-consuming, and working out what information is really impartial can be challenging when urgent and, sometimes, difficult decisions need to be made.

Grace Consulting can help

When Grace Consulting receives calls just like the cases above, the Care Advisers offer a listening ear and independent advice. They always work in the best interests of the person needing care, helping older people and their families by quickly setting out real answers. A friendly, knowledgeable Care Adviser can take the strain and gently guide clients through difficult times so they are able to make the right choices.


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