How live-in care works

A live-in carer would stay in a room in your relative's home and be available during the day to help with any care needs. They would have 2 or 3 hours per day off as a break, depending on the agency. He or she would work with your relative for approximately a month and then would have one week off before returning back to the home.


Be aware that the carer will only get up a maximum of twice per night to help with care needs, so if your relative has needs greater than twice per night, this type of care may well be inappropriate.

A managed or non-managed agency?

The next decision to make is whether you would like a managed live-in care agency or a non-managed agency. The difference? A managed agency employs the carers and your relative pays the agency. They, in turn, will provide cover for the carer if she or he is not able to work due to illness, etc. The agency is registered with CQC and will be inspected for all the services it provides. A non-managed agency sources carers for you and your relative pays the carer directly. The agency does not provide backup care if the carer is ill, etc. but the weekly fees for a non-managed agency are considerably less.

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