1 June 2020

COVID-19 has tested the UK care system like never before. Grace Consulting's nationwide team of independent care advisers have been busy providing up-to-the minute advice and support for families needing to find care solutions during the pandemic.

To give a little insight into how we help, we can share an example of a recent case involving George, a previously fit and healthy 81 year old, and his wife Isabelle. (The names have been changed).

During the early days of lockdown, George suffered a stroke and needed emergency admission to hospital. A dreadful situation at any time, made worse during the pandemic as, due to self-isolation requirements Isabelle could not visit George in hospital and their daughters could not visit her at home to offer support.

The stroke caused George significant harm, including the loss of movement on one side. Isabelle was told by the hospital that going forward, George's care needs would be complex, and to make the best possible recovery he would require professional care and rehabilitation.

In some distress, Isabelle accessed the services of Grace Consulting. Her dedicated care adviser listened carefully as she described their situation and Isabelle immediately began to feel some relief.

COVID-19 emergency service requirements for hospitals meant that due to his care needs George would be moved into a care home as soon as he was declared fit for discharge. Isabelle would have no input into the choice or location of the care home, which at this unusual time would be funded initially by the NHS.

Isabelle's care adviser explained the process and worked with her to overcome the challenges presented and develop a clear plan of action for when the NHS-funded care came to an end.

George was encouraged to contribute to their planning virtually. They discussed:

  • His care needs and personal wishes
  • How to maximise his rehabilitation with appropriate care and physiotherapy
  • The most suitable care options – in a care home or at home with appropriate adaptations, equipment and care
  • Details of the availability and cost of care
  • Available funding and state benefits

The care adviser carried out personalised research into high quality, local care homes that would be more suitable for George and his rehabilitation potential, including the measures they had taken to minimise any COVID-19-related risks. She also provided a plan for care at home, should a return home be possible, including equipment required and the details of suitable home care providers. They discussed the cost of both options to aid planning.

Isabelle was immensely grateful, saying that without this expert help she would have been at a loss. The relief of being listened to and the professional and friendly care advice they received, gave George and Isabelle the confidence and control to consider their options calmly. They are reassured that with the best possible care, George will maximise his chances of recovery despite the pandemic.

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