For over 10 years Grace has helped leading care home groups, domiciliary care providers and smaller independents improve the customer experience and convert more business.

Mystery shopping

Grace's team of Mystery Shoppers replicates the customer journey with any combination of internet enquiries, telephone enquiries and personal visits.

The Mystery Shoppers assess first-hand the response from care providers, the quality of information received and the customer experience.

Benefits of mystery shopping

  • Helps improve the enquiry handling process
  • Highlights training needs
  • Checks compliance with customer care training
  • Helps understand the impact and success of pilot initiatives
  • Ultimately helps convert more business


Grace works closely with clients to develop scoresheets tailored to individual project requirements. Following the research, Grace provides detailed reports and anecdotal information to help improve processes and convert more enquiries.

Fee benchmarking

Fee Benchmarking compares the quality, price points and occupation rates of a care home or care home group with those of its nearest competitors.

Individual reports are provided on each of the homes and a summary report compares all of the homes at a glance.

This process helps care homes identify how best to gain competitive advantage locally and is also used to help assess whether an area is suitable for new care home development.

Benefits of fee benchmarking

  • Verifies your competitive positioning and how best to gain competitive advantage locally
  • Determines whether your price points are correct

Why use Grace Consulting?

Grace is uniquely well-placed to offer expert mystery shopping and fee benchmarking services to care providers.

Grace has in-depth knowledge of the care industry, built up over many years as a leading UK-wide provider of Independent Care Advice Services.

Grace's team of care advisers has helped thousands of people find the right care, providing professional insight into the decision-making process of the potential client.

For over 10 years Grace has provided specialist mystery shopping services and fee benchmarking services exclusively to the care sector and has worked with clients both large and small.

Projects are undertaken with professionalism and are consistently delivered within agreed timescales.

Client feedback

Feedback is extremely positive with clients able to act upon the results to improve performance and ultimately convert more business.

'This work is dynamite!' - Service Development Director, Top 5 Care Home Group
Fabulous... Incredibly helpful... Exactly what we needed... Staggering

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