Monitoring of funded care home residents

If your Social Services department faces issues such as a large number of monitoring cases or out of area reviews, Grace can help.

Grace carries out monitoring reviews of funded residents in care homes on behalf of Local Authorities.

More distant reviews can be especially time consuming and costly for Local Authorities, whereas Grace has an experienced national reviewing team able to provide a local, low cost, high quality monitoring service.

The experienced team produces reports in line with each Local Authority's required format.

The service is very flexible. It can be used as and when required, and as much or as little as needed.

  • First class reviews
  • Excellent value
  • Can be used for both local and out of area reviews
  • Includes quick identification of funded residents who might qualify for NHS continuing healthcare funding
  • One point of contact
  • Recommended by Social Services departments

Patient discharge service

Grace's Patient Discharge Service accelerates the speed at which hospital patients needing ongoing care are discharged into care homes or care at home.

Grace communicates with the hospital, social services, patients' families and care providers to find the most suitable care providers quickly.

  • Experienced team
  • Works alongside your existing arrangements
  • Reduces incidence of delayed discharges
  • Can be switched on or off to cover peaks in demand
  • Grace has been providing this service to hospital Social Care teams for over 30 years.

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