Independent care advice for over 30 years

Grace specialises in providing independent care advice and has supported thousands of people, helping them resolve care issues, decide on the best type of care for their personal circumstances and choose the most suitable provider of care.

We stand alongside people and help them through the maze of care – what's out there, what's right for them, what they're entitled to and what they have to pay for themselves. We hold hands – support people through all the distress, guilt and confusion.

Grace was founded by Chris Cain in 1984 after he tried to find care for his grandmother and was shocked to find that there was no independent support available to help him. Grace has since grown to become a leading provider of independent care advice, with a team of experienced care advisers covering the whole of the UK.

Our care advisers

Our care advisers are all specialists in their own field, such as nursing, care home management, social work and occupational therapy, and are highly trained to provide expert advice about all care issues in a professional yet empathetic way.

Our care advice team provides advice both by telephone and by personal visit anywhere in the UK.

Grace Consulting is a founder member of the Association of Independent Care Advisers (AICA), which represents organisations based in the UK dedicated to advising people about care, and its care advisers all abide by the AICA Code of Practice.

Our management team

  1. Chris Cain

    Executive Chairman

  2. David Nugent

    Managing Director

  3. Sue Lewis

    Sales and Marketing Director

  4. Sue Quinn

    Care Advice Manager

  5. Emily Foster

    Nurse Manager

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Paying for care

We will help you identify free and paid for care options, and give you independent advice on how to pay for it.

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Our Care Advisers provide the knowledge and support you need to make the right decision for you and your family.

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